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The Therapy Behind Play Therapy | Potential Benefits

The Therapy Behind Play Therapy

Written by Divya Krishna Rehabilitation Psychologist & Special Educator MSc, MPhil Rehabilitation Psychology Certified in Special Education (Learning Disability) “Tell me and I forgot, teach

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Sensory Integration Therapy | Enhancing Development

Sensory Integration Therapy

We have all heard that we have 5 senses. Touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. Each of these senses brings us important information. For example,

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dyslexia -memory game

Multisensory Learning For Dyslexia

Written by Meghna Elizabeth Zachariah M.Sc., B.Ed (LD) Special Educator Clinically reviewed By Joan Annie Jacob, BASLP, OPT(Level 2) Speech Language Pathologist Is your child

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