About us

Prayatna Centre For Child Development, Who We Are.

Praytana, is the materialized vision of a team of therapists, counselors, caregivers and complementary medical practitioners . Established in 2012, Prayatna Centre For Child Development caters to the diverse syndromes and developmental disorders in children through proven and innovative curative and palliative care.

Each child has its own unique footprint on this earth. Consequently, the counselors at Prayatna design holistic therapy for individual kids by factoring in the insights they have gained by working closely with afflicted children and after learning the peculiarities of their moods.

Prayatna – Mission and Vision


Our objective is one-pronged i.e. to bring smile on the faces of children who feel themselves side-lined in a fast paced world by empower them with communicative and interactive skills that would help them lead a respectable life and realize their potential to the fullest.


We envision becoming the one stop destination in Kerala to offer curative and palliative care for children suffering from various syndromes and developmental disorders to promote their faster return to mainstream societal fabric.

Our Values

We offer care with compassion.  We ensure that people availing our services should not be distracted by elements that would add to their woes. Our therapists would make your children feel at home by creating an ambience conducive to optimal behavioral change.

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