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More than a decade of experience in the field of child development has made Prayatna the authority to identify each child’s strengths and needs and help him/her learn and develop skills for an independent and comfortable life. The positive and reinforcing atmosphere at Prayatna facilitates a child to deal with the challenges in life effectively. This is made possible by a team of multi-functional professionals who work together in shaping the future minds for creating a brighter tomorrow.
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Ponnu Joseph

Ponnu Joseph


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Boney Kannoth


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Prayatna provides complete access to varied intervention procedures related to developmental and learning difficulties in children, under one roof. Our aim is to support every child to achieve his/her highest potential in a comprehensive, encouraging and positive environment.

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Speech Language Therapy

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Behavioural Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

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Psychological Services

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Special Education

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What People Are Saying

This is the first time my Son attended a Speech Therapy Sessions in Online format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in making my son attend other Speech Therapy Sessions in the same format. It keeps my son updated, otherwise he might forget whatever he had learned so far. I liked it. Great way to receive training without having to travel to Prayatna Ernakulam on the eve of lockdown on account of the break out of n corona pandemic. Commendable job by Prayatna and Team. Special Thanks to Ms. Bhagyasree . and Ms. Jeena. Sincere Thanks.

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one of the best child developmental center in India, Initial screening done by the team of professionals, standardised assessments used to set the goals for therapy with consent from child parents,assessment report given to parents, mother is a co therapist they include parents in the therapy sessions,more transparent and progress report given periodically
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PRAYATNA was referred by one of our family doctors in Malaysia as my son’s school teachers called out some of his opportunities around sitting tolerance, social interaction/communication (below par his age) and lack of focus in class. Though we had innumerable doubts on how this will progress and benefit my kid, felt quite positive from our very first Interaction with therapists followed by a workable plan (face-to-face sessions for 5 months) that built a solid support system covering Speech (Angela), Occupational (Jovitha/Varsha) and Behavioural therapy(Rinu). We personally felt Team Prayatna carried out their roles with utmost dedication and clearly articulated changes, that as parents we had to make, that bought in remarkable changes in my son. This was even acknowledged by his teachers when he joined back mainstream school.

Whilst I would like to thank every therapist from the bottom of my heart for their sincere effort, special mention to Ms.Rinu Roy who continues to support him with Online Consultation (special education) that has improved his ability to read and write by leaps and bounds. You guys are a blessing!!!

Pradeep Kumar

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