Special Education is the design and delivery of teaching and learning strategies for differently abled children or typically developed children with learning difficulties who may or may not be enrolled in regular schools. child who need special education may include child who have hearing impairment or are deaf, children with autism spectrum disorders, children with physical disabilities like skeletal dysplasia, cerebral palsy and global developmental delay, children with neurological disorders, children with genetic and chromosomal abnormalities, children with recurrent seizures, children with intellectual disability, children with learning disabilities /difficulties, slow learners, children with behaviour disorders or emotional disturbance, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children with speech and language difficulties. Some children have a number of disabilities and learning difficulties.




General difficulties
  • Difficulties in understanding and following directions
  • Difficulties remembering things (short-term and long-term memory problems)
  • A short attention span & being easily distracted.
  • Being overactive or impulsive
  • Difficulties organizing work and time; difficulties `getting started
  • Lack of confidence; reluctant to attempt difficult or new tasks
  • Difficulties with tasks that require rapid responses
  • Lack of effective learning strategies
  • Difficulty to do activities of daily lining
  • Reading, writing, spelling and mathematical difficulties.
  • Difficulties in logical thinking and problem solving
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Difficulties in concept formation
Energia Structure Of Intellect (SOI)

Energia Structure Of Intellect(SOI) is a system of assessments and training materials that develop intellectual abilities.

The Structure Of Intellect(SOI) was developed by Joy Paul Guillford in 1955 , who is also known as the ‘father of SOI’. SOI taps on 90 cognitive abilities which works on improving one’s Comprehension, Memory, Problem Solving, Evaluation and Creativity. It train a student’s mind to deal with different complexity of information.

Several decades ago, most people understood and accepted intelligence through a person’s IQ score. The IQ score was and still is a very narrow way of perceiving and understanding our brain and intelligence which is definitely way more complex to be summerized into a 2 digit

or 3 digit number. With the SOI, we move beyond just a label of a score. We move towards understanding the ’whys’ behind a student’s under performance and work on providing the solution to improve the learning situation at hand.