Special Education

special education

Prayatna’s Individualized Special Education Program Prepares Your Child for Life

Choose the Best Education for your Special Child

Prayatna ‘s Special Education Center aims to develop your child’s potential to its fullest. Our special educator identifies your child’s preferred learning style and plans on a learning program and teaching methodology that best suits his/her abilities and interests. Our program opens up channels and changes the learning experience of your child.
special education
special education

Our Services

Our special educators provide individualized education program to attend to the academic, cognitive, motor, social and emotional needs of children above 3 years. Individual and/or group programs are planned keeping in mind your child’s level. Our services include,

  • Special Education for kids with Autism
  • Special Education for kids with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Special Education for children with Down’s Syndrome
  • Special Education for kids with Learning Disability
  • Special Education for kids with emotional, behavioural disturbances
  • Special Education for children with ADHD
  • Special Education for kids with developmental delay
  • Special Education for slow learners

For children above 12 years, we assist with functional academics to make them functionally independent in the environment.

Trust Us…We are with YOU

Not everyone can teach children with special needs, they need a special teacher. At Prayatna, we have a team of qualified and experienced special educators who are patient, optimistic, creative and result-oriented. Our years of experience in the field have made us more insightful, careful and trustful.

special education

How Our Team Cares for Your Child

  • Carefully planned lessons for small learning increments
  • Highly structured and intensive instruction
  • Remediation for basic academics
  • Intervention for reading, spelling, writing and math
  • Memory games
  • Storytelling and comprehension program
  • Role Play and Dramatic activities
  • Briefing out lessons
  • Associated learning
  • Computer aided activities & learning
  • Reading with meaning
  • Social education
  • Personality development

The choice of activities and tools depends on your child’s condition, abilities and requirements. Our periodical progress review sessions with parents help in understanding the status of your child’s progress providing a realistic picture of what our program intends to achieve.

Team - Special Education

Our Team Members | Prayatna Child Development Centre - Meghna
Meghna Elizabath Zachariah

Special Educator
M.Sc., B.Ed Special Education (LD)

Sonia Sudarsan

Special Educator
BA , B.Ed in Special Education
( Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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Special education is a tailored approach to teaching and supporting students with diverse learning needs or disabilities. It aims to provide individualized instruction, accommodations, and interventions to help students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Students who have been identified as having a disability that significantly impacts their ability to learn and participate in the general education curriculum may qualify for special education services. Disabilities can include learning disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, speech or language impairments, emotional disturbances, and more.

Identification typically involves a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a team of professionals, which may include educators, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and others. This evaluation assesses the student’s strengths, needs, and areas of difficulty to determine eligibility for special education services.

An IEP is a legal document that outlines the specific educational goals, services, accommodations, and modifications tailored to meet the unique needs of a student with a disability. It is developed collaboratively by a team that includes parents, teachers, special education professionals, and the student (when appropriate).

Special education teachers are trained professionals who work with students with disabilities to provide specialized instruction, support, and interventions. They collaborate with general education teachers, design and implement IEPs, and create a conducive learning environment for each student.

Services and accommodations may include:

  • Small group instruction
  • Individualized support in academic and social skills
  • Speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy
  • Extended time for assignments and assessments
  • Assistive technology
  • Behavior intervention plans
  • Modified assignments and assessments
  • Personalized visual aids and schedules

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