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Dear Patron,

This page details our treatment terms and conditions formulated with care to provide quality services that are transparent and result-oriented. We request you to read through the terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you have understood them thoroughly as they are binding to all.

Parent involvement is important during therapy sessions at Prayatna. Kindly make sure to be a part of each therapy session and be prepared to work with us in all activities during therapy. This will guide you to help your child to continue practicing at home. We strongly believe therapy success depends on parent partnership and strict follow-up of home programs. Feel free to clarify your doubts and queries regarding therapy sessions and treatment services at any point of time. Please remember parent/caregiver understanding and involvement is of utmost importance for treatment progress and success.

By accessing and using our service, you agree to be bound by the below-mentioned terms. 

  • Parent/caregiver must be present during therapy sessions along with the child.
  • Maintaining therapy continuity is important for therapy techniques to be effective and fruitful. A good attendance record helps you retain your preferred therapy timings. Poor attendance may lead to cancellation of appointments indefinitely.
  • In cases where the parent is unable to attend sessions, a responsible caregiver should accompany the child during therapy. We expect the parent to subsequently gain insight from the caregiver about the therapy session, its progress, and associated improvements in the child. 
  • After the assessment, sessions are usually scheduled for a period of one month. Once the appointments are scheduled, we do not entertain cancellation/refund/reschedule. 
  • We accept fee payment via Cash/Cheque/Credit Card/Debit card/NEFT/Paytm /G-Pay.
  • Home programs are important for therapy success, and we expect parents to adhere to follow-ups at home strictly.
  • Progress review sessions are scheduled monthly/quarterly depending on the treatment program chosen. Parent participation is essential during review sessions as it helps the parents to gain a clear picture of therapy progress and what the therapy intends to achieve.
  • Prayatna does not make guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implied.

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