Our Values

Ethical and Transparent
At Prayatna, we value your well-being, health, safety and privacy. All information provided to us regarding your child stays safe and secure with us. To make our rooms safe and accessible to parents, all therapy rooms have transparent and visible doors making it secure while ensuring it’s not disconcerting for your child. All therapy rooms are under constant CCTV surveillance for monitoring purposes.
High Professional Standards by Word and Deed

A detailed and comprehensive evaluation forms the basis of a successful intervention plan. Our team believes in evidence-based practice and uses standardized assessment tests that are copyrighted, reliable and valid.

Therapists set client-centred SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Time-bound) in collaboration with parents/caregiver keeping in mind family’s contexts and needs. To make sure of seamless treatment, our team meticulously documents assessment reports, therapy programs, discussions and home programs.

Well coordinated Interdisciplinary Approach for Best Results

At Prayatna, diagnoses, planning and therapeutic/treatment procedures involve integrated and collective effort of professionals from multiple services. This dynamic interdisciplinary style of working enables early identification, diagnosis and organized intervention more practical.

Our team meets every day for case conferencing and topic discussions at timeslot scheduled solely for the purpose. Team uses this slot to review progress, brainstorm challenges, share information and take informed clinical decisions under the guidance of senior professionals.  This paves way for the best team effort and helps us provide the most effective therapy programs for our clients.

Parent is the co-therapist
As parent/caregiver you are the co-therapist at Prayatna and you play a vital role in therapy progress. For a successful partnership, our team makes sure to provide you with all necessary training, tools and guidance on how to best help your child. Your active participation and involvement along with diligent home follow-ups help determine therapy success.
Making a difference with Individualized Services
Therapists work one-on-one (1:1) with each child giving individualized personal attention. Our team makes sure that therapies and interventions are evidence based and outcome-focused with individualized goals – both short term and long term. This ensures positive results.
Group Therapy for Social Skills
Prayatna provides small and focused single discipline group sessions and multi-discipline group sessions (combination of speech therapy, occupational therapy, behaviour therapy, physiotherapy and/or special education) aimed at practising target goals and improving child’s social interaction skills in a closely monitored realistic setting.
Family Support & Awareness Program
Our team aims at empowering parents/caregiver and family members by educating and providing all necessary support and guidance to them. Family support and involvement in the treatment process can speed up therapy progress and success. To keep parents motivated and well informed, our team conducts periodical parent training programs in groups on different conditions and associated topics. This opens up room for purposeful discussions, understanding and sharing of experiences.
All Services Under One Roof
For clients who require multiple services, we provide the convenience of one location for all (Behaviour Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Special Education, Clinical Psychology, Paediatric services including General Paediatrics, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Paediatric Neurology and Psychiatry) services along with the guarantee of a well coordinated effort between all professionals working with your child for a holistic treatment. Besides, we constantly research and include as many complementary intervention programs as possible to ensure the best outcome for your child.
We are a committed team of passionate professionals
Prayatna makes sure to recruit the best therapists after a rigorous interview process. All our therapists are qualified and well trained. They continue to pursue advanced certification programs out of passion and interest. As a committed team, we are constantly driven to keep ourselves updated on the latest approaches, methodologies and techniques that are researched and proven in our respective fields.

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