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Prayatna Events And Gallery Showcase

The Armable team at Prayatna

The Armable team gave the therapist at Prayatna a fantastic demonstration on what it truly means to incorporate therapy and technology to upper limb rehabilitation for people diagnosed with Stroke,

Welcome Shri Listin Stephen to Prayatna

We were so excited to welcome Shri Listin Stephen to Prayatna to inaugurate our therapy assistance program. We hope this humble endeavour helps us keep up our commitment to extend

Welcome Dr. Premraj Issac Chandran to Prayatna

It was delightful to welcome Dr. Premraj Issac Chandran, Director of Occupational Therapy, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar, to Prayatna. He spoke about his experience at HMC and introduced to

Events - Prayatna Christmas Celebration 2023

Christmas 2023 at Prayatna

Christmas season at Prayatna is a month-long celebration with kids and staff actively involved in decorating the Christmas trees, crafting charming cribs and baking delicious cakes. The grand finale of

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