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Prayatna welcomes you to its therapeutic embrace by offering proven, reliable, internationally standardized, and professionally sound palliative and curative care for children with developmental disabilities. Set in a scenic backdrop, the clinic is the first of its kind in Kerala and has been consistently setting newer benchmarks in the domain of recuperative care for children with challenges. Prayatna is the professional home to ace therapists, psychologists, and medical practitioners who have taken the child syndrome alleviation segment by storm with innovative and reliable techniques. At our clinic, each child is accorded personalized care based on his/ her specific needs and peculiarities of the character. This results in manifestation of the outcomes in relatively shorter time. Help your child stand on his own feet with newfound confidence and therapeutic support from Prayatna. We are always willing to walk the extra mile to bring smile on your kids’ faces.

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Our Team

Ms. Minna Mathew

Ms. Minna Mathew

Clinical Psychologist
Ms. Deepa Pramoj

Ms. Deepa Pramoj

Ms. Alice Chacko

Ms. Alice Chacko

Special Educator

What People Say

Prayatna clinic is class apart in terms of the child oriented therapies accorded over here. Each therapist takes personal care of the needs of the children and offer palliative cure that starts showing results within few days. I have not come across such clinics across India. The infrastructural support and resource base particularly the brain gym etc. are world class. Children also enjoy learning therapies over here due to the motivating atmosphere. Rehabilitation process is faster. Prayatna is really doing a stellar job.

Vineesh S

I have never had such a pleasant therapeutic experience as I have enjoyed in Praytana clinic. The ambience does not have that medical feeling to it. Therapists are always willing to walk the extra mile to make the process easier. The simple manner in which the therapies are offered is really hard to believe without experiencing at a personal level. They also prescribe therapies to be practised at home so that idleness does not interfere with the effect. Keep up the good job.


It was not long since I started seeing a positive change sweeping the life of my only child who required sensory integration therapy. At first, I was hesitating to go to Praytana and thought it to be like any other clinic with lofty claims but with no substance. But, a rude but pleasant shock awaited me as I could see the therapies work wonder for my child. He was no longer the same old kid seeking vents to express his pent-up emotions. Hats off to Prayatna.

Arunima Software Engineer

My son has been suffering from autistic syndrome and was not able to interact intuitively with his peers. The rehabilitative care offered at Prayatna was life-changing experience for me. Changes in the behavioural patterns of my son started becoming evident. His actions are now more agile and he no longer starts feeling uneasy in the company of others. Prayatna has pulled off the trick for my son. I would candidly recommend the clinic to all parents who want their children to take control of their lives.

Stephan Georage Sales Executive

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