Physiotherapy is a treatment which helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability though exercises, manual therapy, education and advice.
Physiotherapy department of Prayatna uses NDT approch

  • Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT) for Gross Motor Development NDT (Neuro Development Treatment)is a hands-on problem solving approach.It is used in the  treatment of children who have disorders of function ,movement or postural control because of damage in their central nervous system for example, kids with cerebral palsy, spinal cord dysfunctions, genetic disorders.

Postural Correction & improvement in Balance & Coordination Physiotherapy is also helpful not only for special kids but also for normal kids exhibiting some wrong postures such as persistent W- sitting , flat arches of foot, slouched posture while sitting and standing etc. The core strengthening techniques advised by us has been extremely useful for improving problematic motor skills in kids with Autism..

Improving Core Muscle Strength & Endurance It is also useful for improving core muscle strength and respiratory endurance essential for excelling in certain outdoor games e.g. foot ball, tennis etc.

Advice regarding Orthotic Devices & Splinting
Physiotherapist after thorough assessment decides which orthotic equipment is best suited for a particular condition e.g. footwear modifications, AFO( ankle foot orthosis) etc.

If your children have been experiencing difficulties in sitting, walking, standing or using other motor skills, our pediatric physiotherapy solutions would help them get out of it. Prayatna currently serves Kerala as one of best Physiotherapy clinic in Kochi.




Physiotherapy treatment for children

Our child physiotherapist possesses specialty in rehabilitating children who have autism spectrum disorder and face motor difficulties. If weight concern is troubling your children, we would help them control obesity with proven techniques. We will develop body awareness among kids by subjecting them to exercises that have been developed to improve balance and building strength. The core strengthening techniques advised by us has been widely acclaimed as best autism treatment in Kerala by parents who have felt the improvement in their kids’ problematic motor skills.

Physiotherapy exercises

We also recommend physiotherapy exercises for autism Kerala treatment experiencing Torticollis or Plagiocephaly wherein the neck becomes stiff and head shape experiences challenges. The special positioning and stretching workouts suggested by us would come handy in daily activities and parents can easily maneuver the movements of kids facing autism spectrum disorders have to accomplish optimum results. So, if your child is in the phase of learning to walk, we will chalk out the most effective and customized programs to work in this skill at home. Your need for physiotherapy at home or autism treatment for children at home would be fulfilled by our tailored programs.

Being one of the best autism schools in Ernakulam we blend physiotherapy with speech-language pathology, occupational therapy or other therapies to promote the overall well-being of children. Our autism Kerala treatment has been highly effective.

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  • Hypotonia.
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder.
  • Weight issues.
  • Neuromuscular problems.
  • Down Syndrome.
  • Gross motor delay.
  • Neck stiffness.
  • Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Other genetic problems.
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