Learn more about Autism and the Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)

Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Autism and the pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) are conditions characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, communication and unusual behaviors.


Autism Prayatna
What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms include


  • Difficulties sharing emotions, sharing interests
  • Maintaining a back-and-forth conversation
  • Issues with nonverbal communication
  • Trouble maintaining eye contact
  • Trouble reading body language
  • Difficulties developing and maintaining relationships
  • Repetitive movements, motions, or speech patterns
  • Rigid adherence to specific routines or behaviors
What are the main risk factors for Autism?
  • Having an immediate family member with autism
  • Genetic mutations
  • Metabolic imbalances
  • Exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • A history of viral infections
Autism Prayatna

Quick Facts

About 1 in 100 children in India under age 10 has autism, and nearly 1 in 8 has at least one Neuro-developmental condition.

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