T P Sreenivasan IFS, Former Ambassador Visited Prayatna

September 15, 2023

Former Indian Diplomat and the State Council for Higher Education head, Shri. T. P. Sreenivasan I.F.S., paid a special visit to Prayatna, where he interacted with our dedicated team. Shri. T. P. Sreenivasan’s illustrious career in the Indian Foreign Service (I.F.S.) and his significant contributions to the fields of education and diplomacy make his visit a momentous occasion for us. During his visit, Mr. T. P. Sreenivasan conveyed his deep appreciation for the noble work being undertaken at Prayatna. He remarked, “I am truly impressed by the remarkable impact Prayatna is making in the lives of children. The serene and peaceful environment here is truly commendable.”

Shri. T. P. Sreenivasan’s visit serves as a source of inspiration and reaffirms our commitment to our mission of positively influencing children’s lives. We are honored to have received his gracious words and remain dedicated to fostering an environment where every child can flourish. Prayatna extends heartfelt gratitude to Mr. T. P. Sreenivasan for his support and encouragement.