Prayatna Team Outing


From June 15-16, the Prayatna team embarked on a rejuvenating and fun-filled outing at the serene River Whisper Villa in Varapuzha. This getaway was the perfect escape from the daily stresses of work, offering our team a chance to relax and bond in a beautiful natural setting.

The two-day retreat was packed with enjoyable activities, team-building exercises, and plenty of laughter. Highlights included kayaking on the tranquil river, exploring the picturesque surroundings, engaging in spirited games, and simply unwinding by the river.

This outing not only provided a much-needed break but also strengthened our team spirit and camaraderie. It was an experience that left everyone feeling refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Check out some of the highlights from our trip in the gallery below!