Healthy Living Awareness at St.Rita’s High School, Ponnurunni

November 14, 2023

Encompassing the essence of Children’s Day 2023, Prayatna’s dedicated professionals, Ms. Haripriya Satheesan (Psychologist) and Ms. Nimitha Saji (Social Worker) conducted an impactful awareness session on Healthy Living at St. Rita’s High School, Ponnurunni. With more than 200 students actively participating in the program, the session extensively addressed topics such as a healthy diet, the importance of sleep, safe social media usage, and addressing issues related to mobile addiction. The teachers commented that the session was quite informative and influential for the students. As a staunch advocate for child development, Prayatna takes immense pride in cultivating well-rounded growth and providing invaluable insights for a healthier future.