Fight Your Foe at Kasturba English Medium Senior Secondary School, Manjummal

November 10, 2023

In association with ‘Where is your Child’ campaign initiated by students from the Journalism and Visual Media Department of Amrita Vishwavidhyapeedam, Prayatna organised a comprehensive session on child abuse at Kasturba Senior Secondary School, Manjummel. The enlightening session, led by distinguished professionals Ms. Haripriya Satheeshan (Psychologist) and Ms. Nimitha Saji (Social Worker), aimed to address the critical issue of child abuse.

‘Where is your Child’ campaign, initiated by the Journalism and Visual Media Department students, focuses on raising awareness about child abuse and developing self-defence. Prayatna seeks to empower students, teachers, and parents with knowledge and tools to safeguard children through such interactive programs with children and teachers. We believe that informed communities contribute significantly to creating a secure environment for the well-being of our children.