Dr. Rishi George MD, Welmont Hospital at Prayatna

October 26, 2023

As the Chairman of Welmont Hospital, Dr. Rishi George, a Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine and Diabetology, recently visited Prayatna and left a lasting impact on our organization. Dr. Rishi George, with his impressive credentials, including an MBBS, MD, PGDM, and MBA, has over 11 years of valuable experience in the field of medicine, including 8 years as a specialist in Diabetology and Cardiometabolic Diseases.

During his visit, Dr. Rishi George was deeply impressed by the exceptional services provided at Prayatna. He commended the center for its impeccable cleanliness and outstanding facilities. Dr. George also took the time to interact with our dedicated team, reinforcing the importance of nurturing and supporting the children under our care. Prayatna extends its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Rishi George, Chairman of Welmont Hospital, for his visit, which serves as a source of inspiration and motivation as we continue our mission of delivering exceptional care and support to children in need.