Autistic Pride Day

June18, 2021

On the occasion of June 18th Autistic pride day,Prayatna center of Child development conducted an event
THE BIG DRAW‘ Drawing and painting competition pertaining to the commemoration of autistic pride day. It was open for all. 33 children participated .The focus was to promote the idea behind the art work in connection with autistic pride day and to spread the thought about acceptance of a person with autism in every situation..

Part of the idealization process was done by Interior,fashion & product designer Rohitha Varghese, who is also a Contemporary artist, Author and Educator. Base picture was created to have a uniform foundation however the participants could be as creative as possible.
We were honored to have Rohitha Varghese herself to evaluate and appreciate the creative feet of our participants. Here we announce our winners of the competition.

1st prize – Martha Jobin
2nd prize – George M. Chacko & Ahammed Rihan P.V.
3rd prize – Mohammad Razal & John Mathews

Thank You all for participating….

You all have been wonderful participants with so much potential and creativity. It was so good to have you all at the event. We wish you all the very best for your future and we appreciate your talents