How we helped a child with picky eating behaviors

The child and the concerns

Children and eating is easily one of the biggest everyday challenges that many parents face. Eating disorders are directly linked to developmental issues. Apart from this, a weak diet can also affect the health condition of the child which is also a pressing issue for the parents and it needs quick interventions.

The child, Ajesh, was an eight year old boy who is staying with his parents and his younger sister. The parents informed us that Ajesh was extremely picky of the foods that he eats and often skipped dinner with the parents.He is said to like to eat fruits and sweets while, most of the times, he does not eat any rice-made food.

Issue identification and intervention

In order to understand the fundamental issues of the child, we carried out a series of assessment of the child’s health condition. After carefully studying the same, we have arrived at the conclusion that the child was underweight with respect to his height and his BMI or Body Mass Index felt way off the normal permissible lines.

From the information that we gathered from the parents about the type of food that Ajesh typically eats in a day, we also found out that he consumed inadequate quantities of calories and proteins needed for a child of his age.We have planned for a diet that will meet the adequate nutritional requirements of a child of Ajesh’s age. We have also talked to parent to make mealtimes a fun affair for the child and also to make a variety of foods that are colorful and attractive for the child.We have also made certain plans with the parents to give rewards to the child for eating certain food.

The result of the interventions

Though the plans did not go as expected initially, which we anticipated, over the course of three weeks, the child started to follow the diet plan given to him and started eat better.
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