Ms. Ponnu Joseph


Director’s Message

“I run a child development centre”
These words had left my mouth many times before, and yet few days before, I paused to actually think about them. Why I was saying them, what I really meant, and what I should have said instead.
I was making conversation with someone I had just met. The inevitable question, “So, what do you do?” was asked, and I said the thing: “Oh, I run a child development centre.”

It’s true, I own and operate a child development centre. I run an institution that supports parents to prepare their children face the world with confidence.
Prayatna is a facility or like the people in this field says, ‘a setup’. It’s a specific setup to synergise the efforts of parents and professionals to shape the future minds to survive, adapt and succeed.

I am a mother of two boys. Being blessed to bring such beautiful, precious gift into the world. You shower this little being with every piece of you that you have; most importantly with love. There is no other feeling in the world and I would never trade it for anything to watch them grow into their own as you grow into a better you right along with them.

A child always has a way of bringing a smile to your face, a laughter from being silly just makes your heart melt, when they stare at you and say “mommy”, our joy has no bounds. That unconditional love and bond that I have with my boys is strong and unbreakable. When you feel and know that you would do anything for them, it just shows how much love you have for them and that is real. -This is the true state of mind of me as a mother and I firmly believe this itself is the true emotional state of any parent who loves his/ her child.
Soulful love often get tested, so is the case of most parents who seeks the service and support of Prayatna. Due to reasons still unknown, kids happen to be autistic, have cerebral palsy, various other major and minor physical and mental development hindrances. Early intervention and care has proven to be of great help in helping such kids to perform well. Various therapies such as the occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, applied behavioural analysis therapy etc. can bring impressive changes.

As the director of Prayatna, I am committed to provide every parent and their child the state-of-the-art practices and word class services to deliver the best for them. With utmost candour, I like to state that each one of us at Prayatna are engrossed with the motto of providing the best for our clients.

Collaborative efforts from all of us can bring wonders to our kids. World has given us great examples by providing us many eminent personalities who achieved greatness even when they had certain limitations.

I do own a child development centre. I run a child development with the ultimate understanding of its purpose and my responsibility. Each child’s future is my concern and am committed to deliver the best.

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