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speech and language therapy

Speech Therapy Service at Prayatna

Prayatna has been providing the best speech therapy(speech and language therapy) assessment and intervention in its Kochi location for more than a decade. With its highly skilled and motivated Speech-Language Pathologists working together with practitioners from other disciplines, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible care in a welcoming and compassionate environment.

Why choose Prayatna for your child’s needs

Our skilled speech and language therapists use standardized assessment tools based on your child’s age, current speech and language status, family and cultural backgrounds. This helps in the proper diagnosis and determination of subsequent therapy options. Apart from this, our therapists are trained in OPT to address your child’s speech and feeding concerns by engaging the sensory component and the motor aspects required for speech, thereby helping to improve the clarity of speech and safe feeding.

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Early Intervention Care for Speech Delay

It is never too early to address your concerns with regard to your child’s speech or language needs with our therapists. Early intervention is the key to bringing about desirable outcomes in your little ones’ efforts to communicate. Detecting speech delays earlier helps children express and achieve independence sooner, preventing frustration and related behavioural concerns later.

How We Can Help You

Our certified speech therapists can help with concerns such as

When to Seek Therapy?

If you doubt your child has difficulty using words, speaking in sentences, making friends, having trouble reading or writing, or exhibiting pronunciation difficulties, please let our therapists help you set your mind at ease and determine the best options for your little one.
At Prayatna, we welcome parents to involve in their child’s therapy every step of the way. Our therapists provide customized home programs and counselling to parents to augment in-centre therapy.

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Online Speech Therapy at Prayatna


Prayatna’s online speech therapy can be conveniently scheduled to help your child benefit from our services. Our online therapy adds flexibility and gives easy access to quality therapy, enabling parents to track their child’s progress and gain assistance with customized home therapy programs from the comfort of their home.

Speech & Language - Team

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Speech Therapist

Sherine Shibu

Speech Therapist

Adhiya Praksh

Speech Therapist

Anju R

Speech Therapist

Shemi Thomas

Speech Therapist

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Speech therapy is a specialized form of treatment aimed at improving communication and speech-related challenges. It involves various techniques and exercises to enhance speech clarity, language development, and overall communication skills.

Speech therapy is beneficial for individuals of all ages, including children and adults, who experience speech disorders, speech delays, articulation difficulties, stuttering, voice issues, or communication disorders related to developmental, neurological, or acquired conditions.

If you or someone you know struggles with clear speech, understanding language, pronouncing words, stuttering, or expressing thoughts effectively, it might be a good idea to consult a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for an assessment.

In a typical session, a licensed SLP will assess your speech and communication abilities, set personalized goals, and design a tailored treatment plan. Sessions may include various exercises, games, discussions, and activities to address specific challenges and improve communication skills.

The duration of therapy varies based on individual needs and goals. Some improvements may be noticeable in a few sessions, while more significant progress may take several months of consistent therapy. Regular practice and collaboration with the SLP contribute to faster progress.

Many health insurance plans cover speech therapy services, especially when it is deemed medically necessary. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage details and reimbursement options.

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