Prayatna Sensory Integration Therapy Centre

What is Sensory Integration Therapy?

Sensory integration therapy is a part of occupational therapy . Although a part of occupation therapy, sensory integration therapy can only be offered by certified occupational therapists who are specifically trained for it. The whole agenda of the sensory integration therapy process is to help an individual adjust to external stimuli.

The process involves specific sensory activities to help individuals respond to common external stimuli like smell, sound, light, touch and other input. Sensory integration therapy is intended to rectify the problems associated with the processing of sensory inputs. The common sensory issues experienced by individuals are:

  • Inability to scan the background noises to pick up the meaningful conversations.
  • Spatial problems related to correct positioning of the body
    Balancing problems
  • Hypersensitivity to tactile and other stimuli induced by items like particular type of clothes etc.

The aforesaid sensory problems are experienced by majority of autistic children. The challenges aggravate the social, attention and behavior related problems already being grappled by patients.

Who Can Benefit From Sensory Integration Therapy?

Our therapists are widely experienced and have developed innovative techniques to facilitate an early recovery from sensory integration related symptoms. We have proven sensory integration therapeutic treatment for disorders which includes:

  • Special brushing.
  • Deep touching to revive the reflexes.
  • Thorough massaging.
  • Elbow and knee pressing.
  • Swinging.
  • Scooter spinning.
  • Putting on weighted vest etc

Our children’s intervention programs incorporate the best in class occupation therapy methods that have yielded sure-shot results in other pockets of the world. We keep in touch with leading researchers who have been experimenting with various dimensions of sensory integration therapy. Our team also ensures that your medical claim or another kind of health insurance coverage is properly invoked to the foot for the expenses of the treatment.

Sensory Integration Therapy for Autism

The sensory activities included in our sensory integration therapy program for autism are known to prove quick results. You will experience visible changes in the behavioral pattern of the patients within days of application of therapeutic care. The treatment for sensory processing disorder is readily available at our clinic.

We have innovatively added to the existing sensory integration therapy process to make the changes in autistic people apparent early. Our team would guide you on every step to secure the best care for your children. Avail the therapy now and make your children more socially aware.

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