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Yoga is an ancient Indian belief system that teaches us the techniques of controlling our mind, body and emotions for a fulfilling life experience. In a therapeutic environment, structured and goal-oriented adaptation of yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques help both adults and children to explore their body and mind from different perspectives. When they explore and understand their body and mind better, they gain better insight on controlling both for a more satisfying life.



Yoga Prayatna
Yoga for Kids

All kids love to be happy, strong, able and confident – but all these feelings seem conditional and complicated in today’s world. Distractions, temptations, tensions from peer pressure, parental expectations, immobility, over stimulations are just a few of the many difficulties that make today’s childhood less happy and more anxious. Yoga serves as an effective tool to deal and cope with all the above difficulties and achieve calmness, happiness, strength, ability and confidence.

Yoga for Developmental Disorders

While yoga is good for all kids, it has been found to have a profound impact on children with physiological, behavioural, communicative, learning and social difficulties when practised alongside regular therapies. Yoga complements therapy programs by utilizing mind-body healing approach. 

As a part of integrative and harmonizing remedial technique in a therapeutic set up, yoga helps in making natural reflexes more agile and improves functioning of all systems in our body – more specifically nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. It primarily develops body and sensory awareness and opens avenues for self-regulations. It helps these children by calming, energizing and building focus.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy, as the name implies, helps with the occupation or activities of daily living – particularly those activities that are most essential for everyday life.

Benefits from Occupational Therapy

People of all age groups can benefit from occupational therapy. Our team of occupational therapists is trained and experienced in the following areas, Paediatrics, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Mental health.

Therapy for Autistic kids

At Prayatna, occupational therapists play a vital role in the autism treatment team that includes parents, behaviour therapists, speech therapists and special educators.

Sensory Integration Therapy for ADHD

Some kids with ADHD may have problem processing sight, sound, smell, touch and other senses. Some kids may find the label in their shirt or dress irritating. Some others may find the sound of fire engine/siren disturbing. This may be because the touch or sound may be overwhelming their senses. While some kids pull away from such senses, some crave for more. Those are the kids who like to spin and swing endlessly. 

Our occupational therapists use sensory integration therapy to help children with sensory processing disorder. Using different techniques, therapists help to reorganize the sensory system of the child. Some of the strategies are:

  • applying deep pressure such as massage
  • rhythmic movements like jumping on trampoline, swinging or rolling on exercise ball
  • different textures to touch
  • listening therapy for sound sensory issues

Above activities may vary from child to child and therapists take due care in choosing activities based on each child’s needs and abilities. 

Home programs are essential part of occupational therapy for children diagnosed with ADHD. Our therapists include parents during therapy sessions to help them gain hands-on experience and to continue therapy at home for effective results.

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Department of Occupational Therapy, New York University conducted a research on the efficacy of the ‘Get Ready to Learn’ Yoga Program among children with ASD and recorded that “yoga interventions has a significant impact on key classroom behaviors among children with ASD” (published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy).

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