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Ups and downs are part and parcel of our life, so also excitements and disappointments. Most often we bounce back after a setback. But sometimes, for reasons unfathomable, some issues linger long and keep disturbing and we may need some support and assistance to get back to where we left. It’s very common to have mental health issues, but a vast majority go untreated and often carry the scar with its effects lifelong.



Psychiatry Prayatna
Factors that affect mental health

At Prayatna, we understand mental illness is not failure; rather, we believe it is a stepping stone to help understand ourselves better. We have a team of psychiatrist, clinical psychologists and social workers who are ready to listen to your concerns and understand your needs and provide treatment in a safe and supportive environment that respects your dignity and confidentiality. 

Mind’s functions such as thinking, feeling, learning, imagining, expressing are all results of biochemical activities in specific areas of brain, and any problem in these areas of brain can lead to behavioural, cognitive or emotional disorders. This incapacitates the individual to function responsibly in all situations be it in family, workplace or society. Factors that affect mental health include,

  • Genetics
  • Physical Illness
  • Traumatic Events
  • Prolonged Stress
  • Economic Issues
  • Social Issues

Mental health conditions can be treated and it is important to accept and seek help before the condition worsens.

General signs

General signs that indicate a person may need assistance include,

  • Difficulties in managing emotions, behaviour and thinking
    • Avoiding social contact
    • Brooding or excessive crying
    • Feeling tired
    • Anxiety
    • Excessive anger, self-harm and destructive tendencies
    • Irritability
    • Lack of motivation/drop in productivity
    • General neglect of personal care

Signs and symptoms vary depending on the problem, situation and other factors. Sometimes, mental health disorder presents as physical problems such as headache, back pain, stomach pain etc. Untreated mental illness can lead to severe emotional, behavioural and physical health problems.

Counselling/Supportive Psychotherapy

Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ that helps people with physical, emotional and mental health problems, ease their feelings of distress and come out of the crisis situations with improved sense of well-being.

Psychological interventions and strategies

Our clinical psychologists utilize wide range of skills and procedures including counselling to cater to the needs of psychological and social issues in children and adults.

Learning Disabilities (LD) and difficulties

Some kids find it hard to learn and show academic progress. Our psychologists help identify the cause, and give recommendations on the ways to improve learning process and promote educational success

Treatment at Prayatna

Our objective is to understand you as an individual and as a member of a larger community. Our assessment process includes extensive questionnaire on every aspect of your health, medical history, medications, family background, childhood experiences, relationships, environment, diet and general lifestyle. 


After completion of assessment, therapist designs a comprehensive treatment plan which is discussed with the patient before commencing therapy. This ensures understanding between therapist and the patient and helps develop trust and belief. Therapist reviews the therapy program periodically and alters or modifies it based on the outcome. 

Treatment include,

  • Psychopharmacology – This deals with the medication management
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Dialectal behaviour therapy
  • Mindfulness & Relaxation techniques

In psychiatry and psychology, there is no single treatment that fits all or even a majority. Each treatment is designed uniquely keeping in mind the patient’s condition, needs, situation, family and other factors. When we are dealing with mind, treatment takes time, and sometimes you may feel overwhelming or disturbingly slow. But you are on your path to recovery and follow the programs as advised. Therapy’s ultimate success depends on the support, love and care from family and society as the individual recoups and recovers from the illness. Our aim is to help you reclaim your life and feel hopeful again and our team provides all necessary support, treatment and guidance for the same.

If you feel you or your loved one needs support, call us to know how we can help or contact us for an appointment.

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