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Brain Gym

Brain Gym, as the name indicates, is a gym to stimulate ‘whole-brain learning’ experience. It has a series of easy, fast, energizing and enjoyable movements that help integrate different hemispheres of brain for improved functioning. 

Some kids try hard to give their best but stress and tension “switches off” the mechanism required for learning. They feel failed and this continues to affect their further outputs. Learning happens only when brain functions efficiently. Brain functions efficiently when its neural pathway connections are efficient – Brain Gym activities at Prayatna ensure precisely that efficiency!



Brain Gym Prayatna
What is Brain Gym Training?

Kids love movements and Prayatna’s Brain Gym program offers just that and more in a fun-filled environment – all with the idea to reinforce and revitalize their brain functioning for a full learning experience. 

Our Brain gym training program is tailor-made to the unique needs of each child. It is designed to motivate, to give reflection to his/ her innate intelligence intuitively without having to wait for an external cue. Core of the program is the brain training modules. Brain booster games ensure that children take note of the stimuli around them and respond accordingly to strengthen the reflex action of brain. This would serve to build the child’s self-esteem and make him/ her responsible and focused.

What are the exercises included in Brain Gym training?

Our instructors for brain gym exercises are seasoned professionals who have worked closely with children during the course of their careers. Brain exercises are planned and choreographed in coordination with movement based programs to instill in children the urge to learn more. Fun-filled and stress-free environment makes the child fully participatory. Brain training games in the repertoire of our brain gym program incorporate methodologies that conform to international standards and have been painstakingly devised after intensive research. 

Brain gym has 26 simple exercises done with intention. Some of these exercises and their specific purposes are listed below:

  • Cross crawls – It targets midline movements of the body and engages both halves of the brain accelerating them to work together. It helps improve skills in speech, attention, taking notes, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.
  • Brain buttons – These stimulate blood flow to brain and helps in improving focus, attention, following directions, listening
  • Hook-ups – They are calming exercise that helps deal with stress, anxiety, tantrums, sensory overload.
  • Thinking cap – improves child’s hearing, peripheral vision; increases attention span and short term memory
  • Elephant – activates mind and body balance and encourages to listen; improves short and long term memory, attention and thinking
  • Lazy 8s – loosens the muscles of arms and legs and makes the child think creatively. Also improves peripheral vision, eye muscles coordination and reading speed
  • Double doodle – bilateral drawing activity that improves learning skills, spelling and math

Counselling/Supportive Psychotherapy

Counselling is a ‘talking therapy’ that helps people with physical, emotional and mental health problems, ease their feelings of distress and come out of the crisis situations with improved sense of well-being.

Psychological interventions and strategies

Our clinical psychologists utilize wide range of skills and procedures including counselling to cater to the needs of psychological and social issues in children and adults.

Learning Disabilities (LD) and difficulties

Some kids find it hard to learn and show academic progress. Our psychologists help identify the cause, and give recommendations on the ways to improve learning process and promote educational success

Why Brain Gym is so benefitial?

Below-mentioned benefits are based on the real-time positive impact and feedback received from our clients.

  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Enhances focus, attention and concentration
  • Facilitates reading, writing, listening, calculating, comprehension and organizing
  • Enhances memory
  • Improves handwriting
  • Improves eyesight
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves communication skills
  • Improves self-control, reduces impulsive and disruptive behaviours
  • Improves self-esteem

Today children are mostly hooked to gadgets and bigger screens and have less physical movement. Walking, running or swimming is not sufficient to activate their whole brain and body. Practising brain gym regularly can help your child grow better and utilise their brain better.

How Brain Gym is applied for Autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and other Developmental and Learning Disabilities

Brain Gym for Developmental and Learning Disabilities

Brain Gym helps in building awareness among kids about their own body – on core body activation, stabilisation, and the ways of utilising one’s own mental faculties to register progress in life. 

In children with developmental and learning disabilities, brain gym has helped record improvement in physical coordination, attitude, behaviour, discipline, handwriting, reading, writing, spelling, problem solving, comprehension, memory and attention. 

Brain Gym for Autism

Autistic children have difficulties in communicating, listening, focusing, following directions and problem solving which eventually hinders their academic performance and social interaction. Brain gym as an integral part of comprehensive treatment plan can help calm and improve academic attention in them. A child having autism spectrum disorder can unlock his potential only if his brain is allowed to develop at the same pace as is the growth of other body parts. Brain gym assists in stimulating brain functions and help show a positive developmental chart.  

Brain Gym for ADHD

Restlessness, hyperactivity and lack of concentration are the key factors that hinder the performance and personality of children with ADHD. Brain gym as a method of intervention has proved to be highly effective in enhancing their quality of life. It helps by reducing impulsive and distractive behaviours and improving focus, concentration and physical coordination. In academics, Brain Gym helps show advancement in reading, writing and math. It helps to foster the joy of learning among kids by motivating them to involve in activities that boost their mental strength. 

Brain gym exercises are great tools for learning and rebuilding body’s balance, posture and coordination. They help to improve attention, memory, speech and cognitive functions not just in children but in adults too. It’s never too late, join along with your child and witness the change within you. Call for an appointment or contact us to know more about our brain gym program.

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