Other Services

water-therapy-service-prayatna-kochiWater Therapy
yoga-session-prayatna-kochiYoga Session
grouptherapyprayatnakochiGroup Therapy
  • Early Learning Centre Holistic Program that focuses on Developmental, Functional, social, motor, cognitive, self-help skills, language & communication of a child with special needs.
  • Water Therapy
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Group Therapy
  • Yoga sessions for staffs and parents



Yoga classes for children will serve as alternative, integrative, and complementary remedial methods to enhance the overall health of children, render their natural reflexes more agile, and impart them a certain vitality that would improve the functioning of nervous, circulatory and other systems. Yoga is treated as an evolved spiritual practice which uses the collective strength of meditation and exercises to balance the systems of children. The mind’s ability to positively affect the health quotient of the body and senses is explored and accordingly newer techniques are developed and imparted. Our classes stress on self-purification, posture control, breath control, sense control, and concentration for children.

  • Therapeutic & Learning Aids
  • Screening & Awareness Camps in Schools
  • Conducting Workshops and Awareness Programs for Parents & Teachers in Educational Institutions
  • Programs for Slow Learners
  • Short Term Therapy Sessions & Nome Training Programs for Outstation / Abroad Clients
  • Online Consultation