Prayatna Neuro Developmental Therapy Centre

Neuro Developmental Therapy

Prayatna offers dedicated sensory integration therapy, a non-invasive curative program which is intended to bring agility or freeness of movement in children suffering from cerebral palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, ADHD and other such syndromes. We help the nervous system retain normalcy by eliminating inhibitions restricting primitive reflexes in children.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Our pediatric physiotherapy wing helps afflicted children incorporate movements which should occur naturally to them by causing the nervous system to mature and become more adaptive to learning. ADHD children and others would be subjected to a series of specific movements which have to be unfailingly performed at periodic intervals for a pre-defined time.

Our counsellors would customize the cerebral palsy treatment and other therapeutic courses based on the needs of the particular child and the same would be evolved as results become evident and curative effort progresses. The counsellors would also recommend exercises that can be carried out as a part of home physiotherapy and which would take place under the supervision of parents.

Neuro Developmental Therapy Exercises

If your child is affected by neurological delay, he/ she will experience a number of difficulties during reading, writing, and carrying out acts which require balancing and coordination. Further, the child will have troubles while solving arithmetic problems, sequencing, and recalling tables and spellings.

If your child is exhibiting sensitiveness, is shy, or is quiet, or is giving vent to emotional problems; he/ she needs immediate counselling from our sensory integration therapists. Autism in children can be alleviated to a great extent with our proven and adjuvant neuro developmental therapy.

Our therapists are extensively trained in speech therapy, physiotherapy and other neuro-palliative cures. We analyse the pattern of early childhood development, style of learning, receptivity, and personality traits of affected children to develop customized therapies for effective and swift remedy. Connect with us for an assessment of your child.


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