A case Study

9 Year Old Girl with Asperger Syndrome and Social Interaction Difficulties

Anooja, the Child

Anooja is a 9 year old girl who lives with her parents and two of her younger brothers. She has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and has certain limitations with her social interactions at home, school and at other social gatherings.

Lately, she has also been reported to have issues with understanding abstract ideas taught at school, while she does pretty well in other subjects in her class. She is in a class for special children with language and speech inconsistencies.

Our team has also been able to learn that she tends to exhibit temper tantrums and crying behaviors when she is asked to do something that she does not want to or when she is unable to carry out any activity.

Our Assessment and Intervention Plan


  1. In order to understand the severity of the difficulties and the problems, we carried out a series of assessments. We collected data about Anooja’s behavior and discussed among the team to create a befitting plan to help Anooja.
  2. We planned to address the behavioral issues firstly. The team in charge of Anooja came up with a visual plan that depicted the daily activities of Anooja after waking up. As she carried out each of the tasks such as brushing, bathing and dressing etc, she would remove the images that represented such activities from the plan. The parents were asked to praise her once she completed all the tasks on the plan.
  3. We have also talked to Anooja’s teacher to support her with the intervention tasks given to her at class as well.

The result and the behavioural changes

As the therapy session and intervention plans were designed to help the child slowly cope up with the issues, we are able to bring desired changes in the child after three weeks. The degree of success varied from 70% to 92% on an average with the intervention.

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