Prayatna Child Learning Centre

Child learning Centre

Prayatna endeavours to bring about a positive change in the lives of children who have been suffering from disorders that restrict their power to express themselves. Our learning center for kids is equipped with cutting edge devices that are used for therapeutic purposes for remedying the symptoms of sensory issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD, ADHD etc.
Kids learning is important for empowering them with techniques that help them to grow out of inhibitions. This would pave the way for a better life as the child grows and has to rely on his/ her acquired skills and presence of mind to be a productive member of society.

Our child learning center is manned by extensively trained, experienced and qualified counsellors and therapists who have worked closely with children afflicted by disorders. The insights gained through the course of their career are used optimally to offer definitive direction to the lives of children and help them learn adaptive techniques.

We have different learning centre dedicated to the exclusive needs of infants, toddlers, kids, and children on the verge of becoming adolescent. The learning centre for toddlers have counsellors who offer palliative and curative treatment in loving manner and also develop the understanding of parents on ways to dispense the therapy techniques at home.

Learning for kids is promoted with other proven means that have positive track record of yielding definitive results. The progress of each child is meticulously monitored and needful adjuvant modifications are suggested by counsellors from time to time to accomplish the results sooner. Kids learning centre is a one stop destination for parents who wish to bring back the ray of hope in the lives of their children. Prayatna takes learning for children and specialized kids tutoring to the next level. Connect with us now to know how we can help improve the lives of your children.


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