Prayatna Art and Craft Therapy Centre

What is Art and Craft Therapy?

Art and Craft Therapy is nothing but the implementation of  arts  to treat psychological problems and boost mental health of a person . Art therapy uses the power of healing offered by creative activities to remove stress and improve overall health of the brain. The various neurological disorders that may be present in children from the natal stage cause them to behave in a repetitive and compulsive pattern. Arts and crafts for toddlers definitively help them to get over the challenges that impair them socially and enable them to communicate in a better way.

Advantages of Art and Craft Therapy

  • Better Emotional Stability
  • Better Self Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Increased Self Esteem
  • Better Social Skills

Art and Craft Therapy for Kids

At Prayatna, art supplies for kids are strategically chosen to better the problems related to seamless sensory information processing. This is particularly important for challenges such as hypersensitivity to noise, etc. Our counselors observed that modifying behavior requires the therapeutic intervention of rewards and consequences. Art & craft therapy for kids are effectively used to offer alternative and complementary treatment.

Art therapy is used for promoting and hastening the emotional and mental development in kids. The theme behind our therapy is to build life skills in children to facilitate fast addressing of innate deficits and problems in behavior. This, in turn, would lead to self-expression in a healthy and socially acceptable manner.

Impairment of communication hassles autistic children. Kids find it difficult to express verbally with popular languages. Visually manifesting ideas through art objects would be a welcome relief for such children and their parents. Crafts for children helps them to interpret the tone of voice, the expressions of the face, and they would no longer feel uncomfortable to interact with others.


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