Center for child development


Yoga for children utilizes the proven techniques of ancient body mind healing system to complement the therapy used for alleviating the disorders and syndromes. Yogic intervention is used at Prayatna effectively to rehabilitate children exhibiting symptoms of various disorders who require sustained, gradual and progressive curative and palliative support.

Yoga classes for kids are designed on scientific, objective lines after analysing the efficaciousness of diverse aspects of Yogic exercises in preventing diseases and promoting health. Empirical data reveals that yoga is particularly beneficial for neurological disorders in children and can be used in conjunction with sensory integration therapy, etc.
Prayatna stresses on teaching yoga to children because improvements in psychological and physiological fronts have been statistically demonstrated by kids who were earlier suffering from neurological disorders etc. The results have been very encouraging. Our Yoga teachers have developed innovative exercises for quick results by assimilating the best of ancient and contemporary yoga. The inadequacies of the system are consistently monitored by an expert panel of veteran yoga gurus who suggest needful changes to make the imparting of yogic knowledge to children highly effective.

Yoga For Children

Yoga classes for children will serve as alternative, integrative, and complementary remedial methods to enhance the overall health of children, render their natural reflexes more agile, and impart them a certain vitality that would improve the functioning of nervous, circulatory and other systems. Yoga is treated by Praytana as an evolved spiritual practice which used the collective strength of meditation and exercises to balance the systems of children. The mind’s ability to positively affect the health quotient of the body and senses is explored and accordingly newer techniques are developed and imparted.
Kids yoga classes at Prayatna advocate the comprehensive development of children personality. Our classes stress on self-purification, posture control, breath control, sense control, and concentration for children.
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