Center for child development

Therapist Information

At Prayatna, we have a team of eminent child disorder therapists who pride themselves of glorious professional track records of accomplishing successful rehabilitative treatment for children through innovative palliative and curative care.

Our fleet of therapists is essentially multidisciplinary. We have on our rolls:

Clinical Psychologists
Speech & Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physiotherapists and
Special Educators and instructors

Each therapist is a seamless blend of academic knowledge, practical foresight, experience based insights, and commitment. Same priority is accorded to every case and extensive evaluation is conducted to establish the root cause prior to recommending rehabilitative intervention.

Our therapists succeed in pulling off spectacular results within unbelievably short period due to their ability to connect with afflicted children at subliminal level. This propels the children to respond better to treatment as the intimacy bond developed reinforces their beliefs on the integrity of therapist’s support.

Each of Praytna’stherapists commands the confidence and faith of parents of afflicted children because of his/her commitment, perseverance, dedication, ability to connect with children at an individual level, development of personalized treatment for optimum results quickly, and recommendation of home based palliative care for fastening the outcome. This consistency in approach enhances the effectiveness of adjuvant treatment. While discharging their professional responsibilities, the therapists’ exhibit steadfast adherence to medical code of conduct as well as prescribed ethical standards. This is driving better results in realistic and effective manner. Parents entrust their children to Prayatna’stherapeutic care by believing in the abilities of its therapist.

We pursue excellence in all spheres of our functioning. The process of selection of therapists for our clinic is done in a highly methodicalway so as to ensure that only top notch professionals can serve your child’s specific needs. Prayatna’s hallmark is the professional spirit of its therapists.