Center for child development

Therapeutic & Learning Aids

The mental and physical developmental patterns in children vary from individual to individual. Our proven therapeutic activities for children are intended to fast pace the development of certain skills in children whose development rate has been sluggish compared to counterparts. We accomplish the same with creative therapeutic and learning aids scientifically designed to promote stagnant skill development.

Learning aids to promote therapeutic outcomes

Our aids help children register comprehensive growth in their skills. The internationally approved learning aids are specialized in nature and can be deployed to promote sensory, motor skills, auditory, speech and writing and other developmental processes in children. We have experienced instructors with us who would closely study your child and then recommend the most appropriate and strategic aids to allow him to unlock his full potential.

The oral aids are intended to improve oral motor function and hygienic needs. They are designed in a manner that prospects of choking, airway blockage or other perils absolutely nil.The auditory aids are easy to use and accelerate learning. Children’s sensory growth and power to articulate are optimally improved along with language and comprehension skills, memory power and ability to learn by processing external inputs.

The speech therapy games for toddlers along with the use of speech therapy worksheets are highly efficacious for children who find it difficult to organize their articulation skills to give vent to emotions and other needs. We would devise speech therapy for toddlers at home which can be undertaken under the supervision of parents.

We have numerous other aids in place that have been designed with a purpose and help children intuitively develop particular skills that are deficient in them. The group therapy ideas promote the joy of learning in groups when children can interact with their peers and optimally imbibe newer skills. We will tailor the aids optimally to facilitate focused learning.