Center for child development

Joseph Sunny

Director & Senior Consultant

He is the Co-Founder of Pebbles Rehab Centre, Chennai. He is also a Consultant Occupational Therapist at CDC Trivandrum Medical College with hands on experience of 15 years.. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics) from Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai. He has attended Course in Sensory Integration Therapy awarded by Sensory Integration International, University of Southern California, USA. He has done a Certified Course in Brain Gym & Handwriting without Tears curriculum, USA. He has organized several National and International conferences. Besides he has addressed Workshops/Seminars for Professionals. He has given orientation & awareness to Teachers & Parents in Schools. Further he has been promoting Occupational Therapy services to the community and needed groups by publishing Articles in Newspapers, Magazines, and other Media.
He is an Author of a Bilingual (English & Malayalam) handbook titled “Occupational therapy – A gifted Profession” published by Kerala Occupational Therapists Association (KBAIOTA). Also he is an Executive Committee member of All India Occupational Therapists Association (AIOTA) & a Webmaster of Indian Journal of Occupational Therapy (IJOT) along with being the President of Kerala Occupational Therapists Association (KOTA).
He has secured 1st Rank in Kerala Public Service Commission (Occupational Therapy). His area of interest is in Child Development, Developmental Disabilities & Parental Empowerment in shaping children’s life. This interest has led to the existence of Prayatna, an interdisciplinary Centre for Child Development. Under his co-ordination the Centre functions as a multi-disciplinary unit with Pediatric Neurologist, Developmental Pediatrics, Clinical Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Special Educator & Physiotherapist. He also organizes in house Case discussions & Topic presentations to monitor the improvements of children undergoing various therapies. He is a PHD Scholar in Occupational Therapy & undergoing Fellowship in Advanced Occupational Therapy: Neuro Developmental Disorders.