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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Supporting a Student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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The child and the concerns

The child’s name was Kiran. He was the second child of the parents who moved from Idukki to Kochi for better business prospects. The report of Kiran stated that he had short-sight and had not crawled. He suffered from low personal hygiene, had concentration and focusing issues. He also exhibited aggressive biting habit when irritated.

He also exhibited severe reading and writing issues. He often found it hard to explain what he wanted to communicate to his friends, peers and other people.

The solutions:

Once the issues of the child were identified and his familial background was studied, his condition was analyzed carefully based on the treatment that he had been under. We had a few discussions with the subject matter experts and created a comprehensive medical and behavioral treatment approach.

The plan spanned throughout the day that started from the school and continued even at home. We executed the plan with care so as to understand the changing behavior of the child and to change the plan accordingly, if needed.

He was given a few tasks daily to be carried out at the school that can be analyzed by the teachers trained to do the same. He was encouraged upon completing the tasks and when he was unable to, the teachers helped him complete the same. He also was assigned to do tasks at home.

The changes observed:

Having undergone our therapeutic support, Rahul started to exhibit signs of longer period of attention and comprehension. He was also able to develop his reading ability to a great extent. He still exhibits aggressive behaviors but the number of instances has fallen down considerably both at home and at the school.

He is now able carry out most of his daily tasks without the help of others and was able to improve his personal hygiene.

He is still under our therapeutic treatment that helps him tackle his issues with focusing and concentrating along with improving his other abilities.

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