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Speech Therapy Specialists in Kochi

Speech and language are two of the most important aspects of development of any children while they are growing up as these two will decide the quality of the social life they are going to have. Most developmental issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Conduct Disorders and Intellectual Disability along with many others primarily affect the speech, linguistic and behavioral patterns of the children thus changing their future forever. As the case is, it is really important that you get the best possible speech and language therapy so that the degree of severity can be reduced to null over the course of time.

Why Prayatna is the best speech therapy center in Kochi?

In order to get the desired results when it comes to speech therapies, only the best speech therapy center can help the child and the parents. In that forte, Prayatna is equipped with everything that an ideal speech therapy center must have.


What makes us one of the best centers for speech therapy is our experience. We have supported and provided befitting intervention programs and supports for children with different challenges successfully. This experience makes us create adequate plans for children understanding their unique challenges.

Service of wide range of specialist:

In order to provide the best treatment support and therapies for children who face different challenges while growing, any speech and development center needs trained and professional specialists in a wide range of treatment spectrums. In that regard, we have several clinical psychologists, special educators, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and experienced speech & language pathologists.

Affordable services:

Prayatna tries to provide exceptionally affordable services to parents from all walks of the society. We understand that children with developmental challenges must be supported irrespective of their financial backgrounds and as such, we have very affordable support services that can help everyone.

All of the above values help us ensure that the children are given the best therapies they need to cope with the developmental issues as early as possible. Apart from these, our speech and language pathologists ensure that parents are teachers are always involved with different sorts of intervention plans that we devise for the children. We understand the roles of the parents and teachers to be crucial in helping them overcome their developmental issues.

If you are looking for a speech therapy center that blends love and care along with effective therapy sessions, we are the best people to get help from.