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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech development in children is a crucial indication of the overall development of the children and naturally any issues that affect the communicative skills of the children worry the children. However, most people are unaware that there are intervention plans, treatments and methods that can effectively help the children address such issues. These interventions can be made to improve the skills of the children with the help of a speech therapy center in Kakkanad. Though many parents are unaware of such speech specialists in Kakkanad, the changes they can bring to the lives of the children suffering from speech disabilities are immense.

Being a professional speech pathologist center in Kakkanad, we are fortified with all the necessary specialists, infrastructural capabilities and experience to help children with all sorts of speech therapy interventions.

Why we are the best speech therapy center in Kakkanad

We have often observed that children are often brought to us at a later time when the parents think that the child’s social, personal and academic lives are being affected. Parents must keep in mind that the intervention programs can only do so much when it is only sought at a later period. It is the responsibility of the parents to understand any sort of communication issue exhibited by child can be an indication of the underlying speech disability that may affect the child’s life in the future. When it comes to speech therapy sessions and treatment in Kakkanad, we are the best;


We have been supporting several parents who have children with speech disabilities from not only Ernakulum, but also from other parts of the state. Our experience has made us one of the most preferred speech pathologist centres in Kakkanad as we have worked with numerous children with a wide range of language disabilities.

Professional speech therapists in Kakkanad:

All of our speech therapists working with us are professionally qualified and trained to carry out scientific intervention program to drive the best result for the children with speech disabilities. Having received professional training and formal education to carry out required intervention plans our speech therapists in Kakkanad are the best at what they do.

Individual Approach:

Our experience in associating with several children having diverse speech disabilities has helped us understand the importance of individual approach. We have understood that as each child is unique, so are the issues faced by them.As a result, we create individual specific programs that include the familial background of the children to bring in the best possible results.

Inclusion of the parents and teachers: The best people to induce desired changes in the children are the parents, and in school-going children, it is the teachers. Being a responsible speech therapy center in Kakkanad, we bring such parties into the picture to drive exceptional results within no time.

Areas that our speech pathologists in Kakkanad can influence the child

One of the most important aspects when it comes to treating children with speech disabilities is the parent’s role. More often than not, parents fail to understand the issues that we can help their children with.

• Our speech and language specialists in Kakkanad can help a child enhance the following;

• Vocabulary, semantics articulation and syntax of the children who are verbal

• Receptive and expressive language skills

• Non-verbal communication such as understanding and use of facial expression and body language

• Conversation skills, including but not limiting to topic choice initiation, turn taking, and speech maintenance

• Social and pragmatic skills

• Prosodic attributes such as tone, intonation and volume of voice

• Substitute communication aids and supports for children who are non-verbal such as use of pictures or images, storytelling or signing

If you think you child can benefit from the experience and individualist approach from our speech pathology center in Kakkanad, contact our parent support cell, now.