Center for child development

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech therapy for children is needed at an early stage of development to ensure that comprehension and articulation capabilities of the kids are not restricted at a later date. Prayatna has elaborate and state of the art speech therapy activities and materials under one roof that would help children with compromised language capabilities get over there problems.

Speech therapy for children

Speech therapy for kids is intended to streamline the functioning of the motor nerves that coordinate and synchronize the action of brain and tongue needed to articulate one’s thoughts. A child who cannot vent his emotions in proper manner suffers from numerous psychotic problems. It is not desirable to expose children to such traumatic conditions when sophisticated child speech therapy modules are available.

We have dedicated private speech therapy experts with wide experience in this realm. The therapists employ prove techniques to help your child get around his/ her difficulties.

Our child speech development therapy focuses on:

Speech-language disorders vis-à-vis brain’s function or neurological problems.
Problems in interacting socially.
Impaired hearing or linguistic capability.
Delay in producing speech or understanding language; voice problems.
Speech sound generation problems.
Attention deficit problems and selective tendency to remain mute.
Respiration, swallowing or problems related to lip, palate, and cleft.
Intellectual debilitation.
Genetic issues and other syndromes.

Our speech therapy exercises are uniquely developed to assist in identification of communicational, linguistic and developmental speech problems. The swallowing/ palate/ and oral sound production problems would be assessed and treated. Speech therapy materials would be used for planning the course of treatment with customized medical intervention to remove speech deficiencies.We would also suggest needful modifications in communication ambience for effective therapy. Each child would be attended to uniquely for understanding and rectifying specific speech disorders.

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