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Special Learning Disabilities Treatment

One of the most challenging developmental concerns that many children face is the learning disabilities. What makes it more challenging than any other concern is that they have the potential to adversely affect the course of the life of the children in future if not carefully dealt with at the beginning. This is one of the major elements that we keep in our mind while helping children with learning disabilities. And it makes us one of the best speech therapy centers

Why Prayatna is the best learning treatment therapy center in Cochin

As a responsible speech therapy center , we bring a unique set of skills, treatment methodologies and intervention programs that can help the children effectively deal with all of their learning disabilities. We understand that supporting children as early as possible is crucial in preparing them meet the challenges in future—whether in school or later in life.

Along with that, we are exceptionally well when it comes to;

Professionally trained specialists:

What makes us one of the most preferred therapy centers is the talent that we have. Our long list of staff includes;

Clinical psychologists

Special educators

Occupational therapists


Speech & language pathologists

All of these professionals have years of experience in their respective domains and all of them are professionally trained to carry out all types of interventions that we plan for the children.

Unparallel experience:

Another important attribute of ours that comes in handy when we help children with a variety of learning disabilities is our experience in helping children. This has helped us craft unique service solutions and treatment plans for the children who have even the most unique set of treatment requirements. We bring a lot of experience to the table and it helps us understand what sort of intervention programs would bode well with the children and their parents.

Affordable services:

Children with learning disabilities can be real tough for parents and the treatments are naturally expensive. Understanding this jeopardy of the parents, we have made our services and support extremely affordable for parents from diverse walks of life. As a result, anyone looking for the support of a professional speech and language pathologist can make use of the service that we provide.

If our efforts to help children cope with their challenges effectively, we have always tethered love, care and concern so that the children are at ease, comfortable and able to make use of the therapy sessions effectively.

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