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Doctors & Professionals testimonials

Dr.Shebna A Khader

As a Pediatrician, we are dealing with lots of cases related to speech delay, developmental disorders , autistic spectrum disorders etc. In the present scenario of nuclear family concept, stressful lifestyle, many kids are having psychological problems which are increasing day by day. I have been in contact with so many institutions for managing this special group of kids. And I am glad to say that Prayatna was a step ahead of others. I felt it is a well planned individualized treatment for kids along with the psychological support for stressed parents. As a doctor, I am getting positive feedback from my patients too. Wishing Prayatna All The Best ….

Dr.Thomas Ranjit
Fellowship Neonatologist

Prompt update regarding each patient referred and very positive feedback from patients.

child developemnt centre

Dr. Seeja Pradeep

Prayatna has good Professionals who are caring and are good with children.I have received good feedback from the parents whose kids I have referred for Speech Therapy and Physiotherapy. I recommend this center and Wish All the Best for the entire team.

Dr.Aswin Krishnan Ajit

As a Psychiatrist I am extremely happy with both the quality of service, and the feed back from parents which I referred. Here the professionals are caring, knowledgeable, and really great with children.All reports were ready at the committed time, and everything was so efficient and adequate. I highly recommend Prayatna to all and wish all the best to Prayatna team.

Ms.Soumya Joseph (Former Speech Language Pathologist)

“I was truly lucky to have an opportunity to work at Prayatna Center for child development. It was wonderful to be a part of a community that has such a high standard of excellence. Prayatna has encouraged me to pursue my own clinical interests and provided ways for me to foster my own clinical growth – something that is very important to me in any job, and for which I’m grateful. The relationships that I had built not only with my patients, but also with my colleagues, made me look forward to coming to work each day. Our director, Dr. Joseph Sunny was very supportive of new ideas and sees no boundaries to what is possible and what we can achieve/do. Management were caring and very approachable about any questions or concerns that arise. Employees were rewarded for their hard work and management did the best to keep employees motivated and passionate about their careers. Prayatna frequently provided learning experiences and encouraged therapists to challenge themselves to better provide for their clients through weekly case conferences and seminars. This valuable experience really helped me a lot to reach at higher positions. The friendly environment made working at Prayatna Child Development Center an absolute pleasure.”

Vidya Venugopal
Ex Occupational Therapist at Prayatna.

My first work place was Prayatna with quite a few Therapists. Today Prayatna has developed as a complete Rehabilitation Team of Professionals. It has given me the bestest opportunity to implement OT intervention along with the exposure to other rehabilitation Team such as Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists and Special Educators. We worked as a team & were glad to notice the progress of the children. I have developed my practical skills in OT at Prayatna. It is really helping me in my current practice as well. I feel really privileged to have worked with such an inspiring team. Hats off to Joseph Sunny Sir for creating such a wonderful Centre for Child Development. Great work!!! Always proud and love to say that I was a part of Prayatna Team!!