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Workshop for Parents

Date :-06-05-2017

Essentials of been functionally Independent

Being able to do things independently to any extent,adds meaning to human existence,Children with motor deficits present with wide range of ADL (Activities of Daily Living/Self care Actvities) Issues Viz Eating, Bathing Toileting, Grooming(Brushing ,Comping etc)Dressing (Donning,Doffing)Removing shoes,Sandals)resulting inPsychological set back,increasing physical challenge and stress to the parents .Children with +Cerebral palsy resulting in Developmental Delay leads to the above challenges.

Event Highlights

The presentation will be discuss various aspects of ADL and strategies to intervene the functional dysfunction.

Resource Person

Dr. Shovan Saha is a renowned Hand Rehabilitation expert and is awarded with the nomination “HAND THERAPY EDUCATOR” by International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy

Venue: Prayatna Centre for Child Development

Contact for Registration :- 09544278627


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