Center for child development

The child and the concern

The name of the child was Aslam and he was given admission to our learning center after being diagnosed with learning disabilities a year ago. We were approached after many of the attempts at Response To Intervention (RTI) have been constantly unsuccessful .He exhibited lower levels of phonemic awareness that caused him to fall behind his peers.

Behavior-wise, he was quite and did not create any trouble. But his disabilities put him behind his classmates ion most of his academic subjects.

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Our intervention:

Understanding his case and his family background, where he was the only child of his parents, we sought to create a unique support plan and approach, based on the lessons in Preventing Academic Failure,to address his issues of reading and writing.

We provided a wide range of tasks that were specially designed to improve his writing and reading skills over a period of time. Along with helping Aslam to carry out the tasks assigned to him to improve his reading and writing skills, we have also used specific assessment methods that helped us understand his levels of improvement.

As we understood the trajectory of his development, we increased the difficulty and complexity levels of the tasks assigned for him to better react and coordinate with them. We also strived to help him bring his own tasks to the mix that he felt comfortable to carry out.

Along with our intervention to improve his reading and writing skills, we have also integrated various behavioral and social skills enhancing inventions to ensure that Aslam is also able to grow as a socially and behaviorally strong individual.

The outcome:

Over a period of time, Aslam was able to show great improvement in his writing and reading skills along with improving his comprehension skills. He became a very active student involved with several class activities and interactions.As a result of the intervention programs, Aslam also started to take initiatives in carrying out tasks assigned to the class and to exhibit leadership skills, as well.