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Role of Parents in Speech Therapy

Speech therapy refers to the training given to children with speech and language issues in order to help them overcome such issues. Parents, being the first teachers, are deeply responsible for everything the child becomes. Parents are supposed to provide assistance to children in acquiring different skills; be it speech, motor or any other skills and they must also assist the speech and language therapists and centers that help the child to carry out their part effectively.

Usually a child starts his/her speech journey with cooing and babbling. If this journey has not started at the right time, it is to be strictly assessed. The delayed speech is mostly a result of an inherent disorder in the child which becomes evident at a later time.

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Early identification of the speech problem has its due result and early identification will provide a myriad of opportunities to the speech and language therapists intervening. It is the duty of the parents to understand delayed speech as a predicament which can be resolved by seeking assistance from speech therapy professionals in Ernakulam, rather than keeping it a secret. Consulting an experienced speech therapist in Kochi and attending the sessions are the important steps to be taken at this stage.

Usually we say that, it is the caretakers who need counseling and not the cared-ones, and when it comes to speech therapy, it may not be farther from truth. Spending more time with the child and helping them speak would definitely be fruitful. Parents are encouraged to sit with their child during the therapy sessions at the speech and language centers so that the treatment becomes greatly productive.

Listening and responding to children also offers a better result since it generates a feeling of being cared for in the children. When these are put into practice, “therapy” happens at homely atmosphere where the parent and child come together and interact. Thereby the child is given the opportunity to learn while communicating about the most fascinating, interesting and exciting facts in the child’s mind.

In short, parents are the most active participants in both the diagnosis and the treatment. Active involvement of parents in the therapy process can produce valuable feedback to the therapists and can help them in finding and formulating further steps to achieve the therapy goals. This feedback will also help the parents in finding whether the steps taken are effective or not. Hence, the parents are profoundly relied upon in the treatment sessions by the speech and language centers in Kochi, like us.