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A case study :-Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Case Study

Associating with our doctors and speech and language specialists, a child of four years has been able to make tremendous improvement with respect to her target words.

Due to the limitations, the names of the child, their parents have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Who were the clients?

The child in need of our support was 4 year old Jenny, who exhibited irregularities with her speech patterns and sounds which made it difficult for her relatives and others to understand her conversations. The child and the parents were referred to us by one of their relatives.

The process of treatment

In order to understand the fundamental issues of the child, thorough issue assessment sessions were carried out with the child and the parents to understand different perspectives of the problem. These sessions helped us reach at the following conclusion;

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The child has difficulty understanding certain letters and sounds which made her pronounce them in the wrong way.

The issues that were identified also were different from the ‘normal errors’ that were part of the natural speech development process.

The therapy

Once the issues were identified, the speech therapists and specialists had sessions to themselves creating the most suitable therapy for jenny based on the current speech profile of the child and the changes that needed to be brought about by the therapy.

Before Jenny was asked to produce the letters and sounds she had issues comprehending and saying, she was given with numerous opportunities to listen to these sounds a number of times, which is called ‘auditory bombardment’. Once she was given enough opportunities to do so, she was given tasks that made her to make the distinction between the wrongly uttered sounds and her target words.

The therapy was carried out for a number of sessions and with each session, the development graph was keenly observed, areas needed the improvement were identified and required adjustments were made. Her parents were also given instructions to include the sounds she had problems with in the natural conversations to help her understand the same better.

The outcome

Jenny was able to make drastic development towards making the sounds she had issue with and her parents were extremely pleased with difference that the therapy was able to induce to her speeches.