Center for child development

A Case Study for Autism Treatment

Consulting and associating with our doctors and autism specialists, a child of five years has been able to make tremendous improvement with respect to his autism related concerns.

As we have a non-disclosure pact with the parents, the names of the child, their parents have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Familial background of the child

The child in need of the support was a five-year old, the only child of his parents living with his parents.

The concern, issue or the learning difficulty

The child has been brought to us after the parents found out that the child was unable to get dressed when people were around and under pressure. He was also told to have been able to dress properly when he was alone.

He faced the problem in getting dressed while at home and at school.

The issue analysis and treatment planning

In order to understand the severity of the issue and the treatments to be adopted the therapists and autism specialist have had a few sessions with the parents of the child and the child himself. During these sessions we were able to understand the extent of the issue at hand.

Based on this, we envisaged a treatment plan that can address the fundamental reason for such a behavior of the child and also to improve the cognitive resource of the child with respect to the concerns.

The therapy and treatment schedule

Since the problem faced by child had to be dealt at the real world, we have arranged for schedules and timeframes that helped the child to respond as comfortable as possible while dressing up himself. We have also created a support plan by educating the family members and the teacher to help the child with the support necessary.

Required and intelligent adjustments were made to the schedules of the daily routine of the child. We were also able to use various display schedules and a reward chart induce greater need in the child to follow the schedule at home and at the school.

The results and outcomes

With the support of the therapists and the treatments undergone, the child was able to get dressed all by himself without relying on others. Although he still required to be supported to start the process of getting dressed, he can carry out the same without any help. As per the instructions of the therapists the parents have began to incorporate various treatment plans to make him more independent as time goes.