Center for child development


Our modern and state of the art Physiotherapy clinic offers services that are geared towards developing, rehabilitating and improving the motile skills and motor skills related problems. We offer physiotherapy for children with the intent of improving their stamina, agility, strength, endurance and willpower. If your children have been experiencing difficulties in sitting, walking, standing or using other motor skills, our pediatric physiotherapy solutions would help them get out of it.

Physiotherapy treatment for children

Our child physiotherapist possesses speciality in rehabilitating children facing motor difficulties. If weight concern is troubling your children, we would help them control obesity with proven techniques. We will develop body awareness among kids by subjecting them to exercises that have been developed to improve balance and in building strength. The core strengthening techniques advised by us have been widely acclaimed by parents who have felt improvement in their kids’ problematic motor skills.

We also recommend physiotherapy exercises for infants experiencing Torticollis or Plagiocephaly wherein the neck becomes stiff and head shape experiences challenges. The special positioning and stretching workouts suggested by us would come handy in daily activities and parents can easily manoeuvre the movements of kids to accomplish optimum results. So, if your child is in the phase of learning to walk, we will chalk out the most effective and customized program to work in this skill at home. Your need for physiotherapy at home would be fulfilled by our tailored programs.

We will blend physiotherapy with speech language pathology, occupational therapy or other therapies to promote overall well-being of children. Our physical therapy for babies have been highly effective.

Contact us for proven solutions for:
Developmental Coordination Disorder.
Weight issues.
Neuromuscular problems.
Down Syndrome.
Gross motor delay.
Neck stiffness.
Muscular Dystrophy.
Other genetic problems.

We will offer decisive solutions for sure.