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Things You Need To Know About Occupational Therapy- OT in Detail

Occupational therapy (OT) aids people who possess sensory, physical or cognitive disability. This treatment focuses on helping these people to be independent as much as possible in all aspects of their lives. Some kids also require OT to sharpen their motor, physical, cognitive and sensory skills, to boost their self-esteem and get a feeling of positivity. Therefore this therapy is not only for adults as most might think but for kids as well. Learning and playing is the main occupation of kids. Therapists are there to evaluate their skills, everyday activities and performance in school.

Occupational therapy-kerala

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists and assistants therapeutically help people of all age groups to take part in things they need and wish to do. Common OT involvements are aiding disabled children participate in school and social activities. This healing process might include complete evaluations of the client’s residence and surrounding environment, it recommends using adaptive tools along with training and guidance for the families and caregivers.

Revered Indian medical associations claim that the practitioners deal with social, psychological and environmental factors that can influence functioning in various ways. Due to this, OT is a crucial part of kid’s healthcare.

All OT practitioners should complete fieldwork programs under supervision and must pass the related certificate exams. Then they must get the license to practice as therapists. These therapists work in schools, hospitals, rehabs, pediatric clinics, nursing homes, mental homes and in private.

Children who might require OT

The earliest years of children are full of stimulations and new experiences that generate different skills and helps in growth. The first three years are also very important for brain development. The case is sensitive if the child experiences delayed or restricted growth. Here occupational therapy can help with funded ‘early intervention’ program. This treatment is for the newborns till 3 years of age with disabilities or who might develop such disabilities. Infants up to three years can have home-based treatment and after that there are private therapists, who visit school, might come at home or you can take kids to sensory gyms.

Physical therapy versus Occupational therapy

Physical and occupational therapy are great in enhancing the quality of life in kids but there are certain differences. PT involves strength, pain, endurance, motion and gross motor skills but OT mainly deals with finer motor skills, cognitive, sensory and visual-perceptual skills.

To conclude

If you need an OT for your child, ask for a reference from the pediatrician and it would be great if your health insurance have coverage for the program you choose.