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Role of Parents in Speech Therapy

Speech therapy refers to the training given to children with speech and language issues in order to help them overcome such issues. Parents, being the first teachers, are deeply responsible for everything the child becomes. Parents are supposed to provide assistance to children in acquiring different skills; be it speech, motor or any other skills and they must also assist the speech and language therapists and centers that help the child to carry out their part effectively.

Usually a child starts his/her speech journey with cooing and babbling. If this journey has not started at the right time, it is to be strictly assessed. The delayed speech is mostly a result of an inherent disorder in the child which becomes evident at a later time.

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Early identification of the speech problem has its due result and early identification will provide a myriad of opportunities to the speech and language therapists intervening. It is the duty of the parents to understand delayed speech as a predicament which can be resolved by seeking assistance from speech therapy professionals in Ernakulam, rather than keeping it a secret. Consulting an experienced speech therapist in Kochi and attending the sessions are the important steps to be taken at this stage.

Usually we say that, it is the caretakers who need counseling and not the cared-ones, and when it comes to speech therapy, it may not be farther from truth. Spending more time with the child and helping them speak would definitely be fruitful. Parents are encouraged to sit with their child during the therapy sessions at the speech and language centers so that the treatment becomes greatly productive.

Listening and responding to children also offers a better result since it generates a feeling of being cared for in the children. When these are put into practice, “therapy” happens at homely atmosphere where the parent and child come together and interact. Thereby the child is given the opportunity to learn while communicating about the most fascinating, interesting and exciting facts in the child’s mind.

In short, parents are the most active participants in both the diagnosis and the treatment. Active involvement of parents in the therapy process can produce valuable feedback to the therapists and can help them in finding and formulating further steps to achieve the therapy goals. This feedback will also help the parents in finding whether the steps taken are effective or not. Hence, the parents are profoundly relied upon in the treatment sessions by the speech and language centers in Kochi, like us.

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All You Need to Know About Speech Therapy in Short

If your child has trouble speaking or has speech disabilities, speech therapy is perhaps a phrase you would often hear while talking to your family members, friends and even the medical professionals that you are going to discuss the issue with. As a result, having a comprehensive idea about speech therapy is an important prerequisite for all the parents with a child that has speech disabilities.

Though every speech and language pathologist in Kochi or a speech therapy center in Ernakulam can explain the about it to you, having a basic understanding of the entire process can put you in a better position.

What is Speech Therapy?

In a nutshell, it is a structured intervention program specifically designed to address various speech and language disabilities in children. This covers a wide range of activities and programs that will enhance the ability of the children to understand, utilize and express language; including verbal and nonverbal communication.

How can I understand if my child needs speech therapy?

Language and speech capabilities of children normally develop during the second year through third and fourth year. However, in certain children the historically expected speech and language development may not be observed due to several reasons, and these indications may lead to the conclusion that the child suffers from speech difficulties. However, not all such issues need the support of a speech and language therapist, as language skills of children are supposed to get better. However, if certain particular issues persist, it is advised that you get the support the best speech and language therapist or a speech therapy center in your city.

What does the speech and language pathologists do?

The primary objective of a professional speech therapist is to understand the language issues faced by the child and design befitting intervention programs to address these issues. Most of the speech therapy centers in Kochi are equipped with professional language pathologies who can craft great intervention programs to develop the language skills of the child. They will try to understand various socio-cultural and familial backgrounds of the child along with carrying out several medical checkups before planning for an intervention plan that befits the requirements of the child.

With these understanding, if you are going to approach a professional speech therapist in Kochi to help your child, you will be able to derive a better picture about the entire process. And, the understanding will help you carry out the responsibilities of a parent in the process.

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Some important tips for new Autism parents

It is perhaps one of the very crucial moments that the parents of a child diagnosed with Autism may go through. It is definitely not easy, but that should not stop you from embracing your parenthood in the best way possible to support your child as much as you want.

The following tips are given so that you, as a parent, can keep up with the changing times;

Collect yourself

Though it is never easy, understand that you are going to begin a race that never stops. While it is important that you keep running, make sure that you take necessary breaks to take care of yourself. You will be spending a lot of time in therapy rooms and hence, to ensure that you are engaged, and not bogged down with unhealthy thoughts; read books, get to a gym and do what makes you comfortable.

Deal with advices that you never asked for

Well, it happens; even when you do not need advices on stuff when it comes to taking care of your autistic child, people come and go advising you a lot. You may not be able to get away from all of it, ensure that you do not take them all to your heart. And, sarcasm is one of the best ways to cope up with these.

Autism is expensive

Understand that Autism is extremely expensive. Sometimes you may not have all the money to do everything that you want to do for your child. However, when the child’s uncle asks what kind of gift the child needs for the birthday, ask to gift the child a therapy session. As the people who care for you and your child, they will be better off gifting a therapy session and knowing that the gift actually helps the child, and not gathering dust at the attic.

Enjoy life with your child

While trying to make both ends meet and care for your child, parents may not be living the life they deserve. Do not do that; enjoy the life with your child. Take your children out everywhere. Let them also see the world and life as it is.

While Autism can be challenging, it should not steal you off the life that you and your children deserve; enjoy the beautiful life you, as parents, have with your child.

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The child and the concern

The name of the child was Aslam and he was given admission to our learning center after being diagnosed with learning disabilities a year ago. We were approached after many of the attempts at Response To Intervention (RTI) have been constantly unsuccessful .He exhibited lower levels of phonemic awareness that caused him to fall behind his peers.

Behavior-wise, he was quite and did not create any trouble. But his disabilities put him behind his classmates ion most of his academic subjects.

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Our intervention:

Understanding his case and his family background, where he was the only child of his parents, we sought to create a unique support plan and approach, based on the lessons in Preventing Academic Failure,to address his issues of reading and writing.

We provided a wide range of tasks that were specially designed to improve his writing and reading skills over a period of time. Along with helping Aslam to carry out the tasks assigned to him to improve his reading and writing skills, we have also used specific assessment methods that helped us understand his levels of improvement.

As we understood the trajectory of his development, we increased the difficulty and complexity levels of the tasks assigned for him to better react and coordinate with them. We also strived to help him bring his own tasks to the mix that he felt comfortable to carry out.

Along with our intervention to improve his reading and writing skills, we have also integrated various behavioral and social skills enhancing inventions to ensure that Aslam is also able to grow as a socially and behaviorally strong individual.

The outcome:

Over a period of time, Aslam was able to show great improvement in his writing and reading skills along with improving his comprehension skills. He became a very active student involved with several class activities and interactions.As a result of the intervention programs, Aslam also started to take initiatives in carrying out tasks assigned to the class and to exhibit leadership skills, as well.

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How to Find the Best Child Care for Special-Needs Children

Every parent wants to send their children to the best child care there is. When it comes to searching for a child care for your child having special needs, it is an entire different beast that you have to encounter. It is important that you find a child care provider who understands what it is to have children with special needs, how to care for them, what type of activities are to be adopted for them and the like. Above all, the provider must be willing to listen to you and work with you to help in the growth of your child.

In your efforts to find the best child care provider for your child with special needs, understanding the following factors can help you in making the best decision.

Select a Special-Needs Day Care

In order to make the best choice, consider if you need a regular child care or a special child care for your child with special needs. Consider all your requirements as well as your child’s while selecting a day care. Since day care is the place where your child is going to spend most of her/his time, selecting one that can meet most of your requirements, as well as your child’s, is very crucial. The growth process of your child is going to be molded and driven by the environment at the day care and the staffs there.

Get help from trusted sources

In order to provide the help needed by parents having kids with special needs, there are a myriad of trusted NGOs and organizations that one can find. Most of the times, there will be such sources that you can find associated with the centers where you go for your child’s therapy.

It is advised that you get the help from such trusted and established sources as there may be other dangers associated with sending your child to a place where there is no approval or adequately trained staff or support systems.

Check for the facilities of the day care

One of the most important and foremost things to consider while selecting a child care for special-needs children is to evaluate the facilities provided by the child care. Care must be given to understand the systems of operation, hygiene and availability of enough space for the child to conduct. Since physical activities can also be a part of many therapies, check if there is enough space for the children to move around and play.

Qualified staff

Another important aspect that parents must take care, while trying to select a child care for special-needs children, is to check if there is adequate staff that can help your child the best way possible. Ensure that the staffs have all the required qualification and approval from the concerned governmental departments to operate in whatever capacity they operate at the facility.

It is also important to understand if there is any nursing staff at the child care to provide the necessary treatment and care if any such situations arise.

The support offered by the child care to you

Most of the times, the child with special needs must continue the therapy even after returning from the therapy centre. As the child spends most of his/her time in the child care, it is important that the teachers at the centre must also be willing to help you. They must be willing to understand the conditions of your child, understand the therapies that your child is undergoing and help the child go through the same during his/her time at the child care.

Though most of the child cares provide such facilities and are willing to work closely with the parents to help the child develop naturally, it is always imperative that the parents ensure and confirm about the same.

One of the best things to consider, apart from the above mentioned aspects, is to ask important questions yourself about various facilities offered by the child care. If analyzing the child care facility is able to help you answer most of these questions in a more positive light, then you can consider the child care for your child. However, it is always advised that you consider multiple child care facilities to select the best among them.

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What People Say

Prayatna clinic is class apart in terms of the child oriented therapies accorded over here. Each therapist takes personal care of the needs of the children and offer palliative cure that starts showing results within few days. I have not come across such clinics across India. The infrastructural support and resource base particularly the brain gym etc. are world class. Children also enjoy learning therapies over here due to the motivating atmosphere. Rehabilitation process is faster. Prayatna is really doing a stellar job.

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I have never had such a pleasant therapeutic experience as I have enjoyed in Praytana clinic. The ambience does not have that medical feeling to it. Therapists are always willing to walk the extra mile to make the process easier. The simple manner in which the therapies are offered is really hard to believe without experiencing at a personal level. They also prescribe therapies to be practised at home so that idleness does not interfere with the effect. Keep up the good job.


It was not long since I started seeing a positive change sweeping the life of my only child who required sensory integration therapy. At first, I was hesitating to go to Praytana and thought it to be like any other clinic with lofty claims but with no substance. But, a rude but pleasant shock awaited me as I could see the therapies work wonder for my child. He was no longer the same old kid seeking vents to express his pent-up emotions. Hats off to Prayatna.

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My son has been suffering from autistic syndrome and was not able to interact intuitively with his peers. The rehabilitative care offered at Prayatna was life-changing experience for me. Changes in the behavioural patterns of my son started becoming evident. His actions are now more agile and he no longer starts feeling uneasy in the company of others. Prayatna has pulled off the trick for my son. I would candidly recommend the clinic to all parents who want their children to take control of their lives.

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