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How Parents Are an Integral Part of the Language Development of the Children

2008 a study “The Importance of Parental Involvement in Language Acquisition” was published by the Washington University School of Medicine and it emphasized the role of the parents in acquisition and development of language in children. The study concluded that the more parents are involved in the process, the better the language skills exhibited by the children become. As a result, children with more involved parents tend to exhibit higher and better language skills than the children with less involving parents. This is one of the most important things that have to be kept in mind while seeking the help of a speech and language therapist to improve the communication skills of children with language disabilities.

Parents are the people, by the very nature of being it, who tend to spend maximum time with the child often during all the developmental stages. As a result, the interactions, behavioral patterns and qualities of the parents are easily imbibed by the developing children as the parents are the only role models readily available to the children to mimic. The study, which any speech pathologist centers in Kochi would know, further expressed that the language skills of children profoundly depend on the social settings and context rather than acquiring the skill by rote.

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Now, let us see how parents can plan the most integral role in developing the language skills of a child.

Language explosions: When children are in the initial stages of language development, they are like a clean slate; they easily grab a lot of words, even when they do not complete understand what the words mean exactly. It is said that children, by the age of six, amass as many as 10,000 new words. Most children develop ideas how the words can be used in certain contexts but they may not be able to distinguish between two similar social settings.

When the children start to lean to talk, they naturally adopt the basic structure of subjects, verbs and objects along with the grammatical structures of their mother tongue. However, there may be inconsistencies in the speech patterns of a developing child, and it may be more severe with children with speech disabilities. In such scenarios, parents must seek the help of a professional speech therapy center in Ernakulam.

The idea of labeling: There are studies, in the field of acquisition and development of language in children, stating that the language abilities of children are an indicating factor about the involvement of the parents in their language developmental stages. This is the same in the cases of the children who need the support of a speech pathologist in Kochi, as well. Parents, who label objects, so that children are able to understand them, contribute much to the development of the language skills of the children. As visual cues are easily registered in the minds of children, labeling is indeed a great method to make children improve their communication skills. Even when a child with speech difficulties undergoes speech therapy sessions in a speech therapy center, labeling is advised by many speech and language therapists to the parents.

Method of ‘having it their way’: Most speech pathologists associating to develop various methods to help the children with speech disabilities, and children in general, say that correcting the children during their talk can often induce more damage than the good the parents expect the intervention can bring. It is said that the inconsistencies and errors that can be seen in a child’s speech are to be expected. Children are expected to make errors while learning language and the same will be corrected by the children themselves as they grow.

Parents intervening to correct them might make the children develop a fear of going wrong and this may make the children restrict talking, which is detrimental to the development of language in children. As a result, parents must let the children talk the way the children find it easy and keep in mind that they will correct themselves in the course of further development.

As you have seen, the role of parents in helping the child learn language line any other developmental process is extremely important. Even for children who have speech disabilities, the role of parent cannot be overlooked even when they are supported by a speech and language pathologist. While some of the best speech therapy centers in Kochi will orient the parents towards this, it is the parents who must carry out their role effectively.

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