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Prayatna conducts family focused parent training programs led by Hanen Certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who have been specially trained by The Hanen Centre (Canada). We believe that Parents and other family members should be involved in their child’s treatment program so that the child will benefit holistically. This intensive Program focuses on teaching parents how to be the main facilitators to bring about more functional communication, interaction and play skills in their children. Hanen addresses the needs of both non-verbal and verbal children with a variety of speech, language and communicative disorders.

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An evidence-based and reputable Hanen program provided by Prayatna:

More Than Words® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties

More Than Words® can help your child to reach the following three goals:

Improved social skills

The ability to engage in back-and-forth interactions

Improved understanding of language

More Than Words® can show you how to take any daily activity and turn it into a fun and natural way to help your child communicate. And because you’re interacting closely with your child the whole time, you’ll be connecting in new ways and learning things about each other you never knew before!

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