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Special Education in Detail.

Special education training

Learning disabilities in children can prove to be a major impediment during grown-up years if sufficient scientific attention is not committed during the formative years. Special Education is needed for such children to become self-reliant and come out of their self-imposed recluse.

Prayatna: Offering tailored training programs for disadvantaged children

Prayatna has pioneered special schools in Kerala for children whose interactive and social skills have not optimally developed. Rehabilitative and curative care is accorded to children by certified professionals who have been extensively trained to work with kids seeking personalized care.

ADHD: Is it the end of road for your child?

No. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD in children can be surmounted through attentiveness of specialized nature. It constitutes special training programs that have been uniquely designed keeping your child’s needs in perspective.

At Prayatna, our widely acclaimed and proven training programs would help your children develop needful life skills to grapple with the challenge.

Autism or ADHD symptoms?Prayatna offers palliative cure

Complex mental problems harassing your children can assume monstrous proportions if not mitigated at the right time. You kid’s success in academics, personal or professional life can be compromised with these symptoms of ADHD or autism haunting them.

We provide conclusive support for rectification of learning disabilities in children to a large extent.

Stellar features of our customized training programs

Our training programs are highly customized to cater to your child’s exclusive needs. After undergoing specialized training, many of the symptoms that have been roadblocks to your child’s mental growth would be allayed.

Our training programs would help your afflicted kids in numerous ways like:

• Development of intuitive ability to understand others’ needs and expectations

• Better interaction with people

• Manage emotions in socially acceptable manner

• Gain control over temper tantrums

• Stop being fidgety or squirming through better concentration on the subject at hand

• Ability to complete unfinished tasks with success to a great extent

• Willingness to complete home works, household chores, and other works assigned to them

• Decisive control over inattentiveness with prolonged interest in a given thing

• Better focus

• Learning to develop a tenacious memory

• Proven ability to repeat back what others have said

• Able to follow instructions dictated to them

• Ability to plan in better manner and execute the plan with confidence

• Lack of sloth while carrying out a task

• Intelligent use of one’s wits for planning and executing an activity

• No longer boisterous and loud in each activity

• Quietude won’t be a constant companion

• Heightened involvement with other children

• Daydreaming and staring blankly into open space

• Pay attention to things going around them

• Autism treatment

Learning difficulties would be a thing of the past for your kids with our specialized tutors focusing attention on them. Your kids may exhibit child behaviour disorders in one or other form but the severity of the same would be significantly lessened with the specialized intervention of tutors at Prayatna.

Our command over the psychological aspects of the children’s mental health gives us proven advantage in treatment of conduct disorder.