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Brain Gym

Our brain gym for children is inspired by the proven brain training exercises used worldwide to render the mental capabilities of children more agile and productive. We are committed to promote optimal learning among children with the help of brain exercises that trigger maximal neuron activity.

Brain gym training

The focus of our brain training modules is to foster the joy of learning among kids by motivating them to involve in activities that boost the mental strength. A child can fully unlock his potential only if his brain is allowed to develop at the same pace as is the growth of other body parts.

Our instructors for brain gym exercises are seasoned professionals who have worked closely with children during the course of their careers. Brain exercises are planned in coordination with movement based programs to instil in children the urge to learn more. The brain training games in the repertoire of our brain gym incorporate the methodologies that conform to international standards and have been painstakingly devised by child psychologists after intensive research.

The brain gym training program would be tailored to the unique needs of your child. It would be designed to motivate your child to give reflection to his/ her innate intelligence intuitively without having to wait for an external cue. Brain gym training model has proved to be highly efficacious in building awareness among kids regarding the importance of taxing one’s own mental faculties to register exceptional progress in life. The brain booster games ensure that children take note of the stimuli around them and respond accordingly to strengthen the reflex action of brain. This would serve to build the self-esteem of child and make him/ her responsible and focused. The brain games free the flight of imagination among children.

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